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AutoCropper Pro: Upload multiple scans at once, batch export your photos. Your email entered on the checkout page will be sent login credentials.



  • Auto detect individual photos
  • 1 scan per upload
  • Batch export crops
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Batch uploading

Autocropper Pro lets your upload up to 15 scans at once (I do have a hardcoded limit of 15 which exists purely to avoid your browser crashing), allowing you to upload in batches.

With 2-3 eight by ten separate photos on each scan, you scan export 30 to 40 perfectly cropped rectangular or square separate image files near instantly at full quality.

To see an example, view the demo in the header bar (to the right of "Upload"). The left sidebar is scrollable. There are only 3 images in the example demo, but you can upload up to 15 and scroll through them to review and refine the detected areas on each crop.

Uploading multiple scans or images at once is the main benefit of AutoCropper Pro. It is meant for people who are digitizing batches of images (or whatever you are cropping, for example screenshots for documentation or something like that).

Automatic photo detection

AutoCropper uses a custom Python OpenCV algorithm to process uploaded scans and detect the boundary coordinates of separate images against a uniform background, which is typically white in the case of scanners.

Learn more about how AutoCropper detects the individual photos

Detect multiple photos on each scan

Autocropper detects any rectangle or squares against a white scanner background. Typically, for a normal sized scanner, this is 3 or 4 eight by ten inch printed images.

Automatic rotation detection and correction

I recommend the four corners method for scanning, that is placing images against the physical boundaries of your scanner to vertically and horizontally align your photos. In the event one of your photos is rotated slightly, AutoCropper will detect the rotation angle and correctly apply the appropriate correction.

Full quality upload and download with no compression

AutoCropper lets you export your automatically separated and perfectly cropped images at 100% original full quality, with no compression. That means you can upload a 20 megabyte scan, and download its automatically cropped individual photos at full quality in less than 4 seconds!

AutoCropper is this fast because the actual full size scan is not uploaded, sent to any server, or saved anywhere. What is sent to the server is a drastically compressed, colorless, metadata-stripped copy (for a 20 megabyte scan, a 240 kilobyte binary copy is sent to the server). Processing the original full quality scan would be incredibly inefficient both in terms of time for you, but also cost, for me.

Learn more about privacy and how AutoCropper works here

Client-server side encryption

Your upload is compressed down to 300 by 500 pixels, or around 0.3 megabytes in black and white, compressed into base64 and further into a zip file before processing. Image cropping is done entirely client side. Learn more about privacy here.

Customizeable file naming structure

Allows for unique files names in the format [parentFileName] and [cropNumber]. Note there is no file extension, as the file extension is automatically added.