Release Notes

Welcome to the AutoCropper release notes page, your go-to destination for all the latest enhancements to the ultimate digital archival tool. Our team is dedicated to continually improving the image cropping abilities of AutoCropper, bringing you updates that make image editing both intuitive and efficient. This page doesn't list every minor adjustment; instead, it highlights the most significant advancements in our image cropping tool since February 2024.

July 2024

  • Finished implementing upload as PNG and export as PNG features.
  • Introduced new settings menu next to the Download button.
  • Users can now choose between two different Detection Algorithms. Added a new setting to the settings menu. Added this option on the main Upload page to encourage users to try it out.
  • Brought back file name structure settings to the settings menu.
  • Migrated Blog to headless CMS (previously used hard coded markdown files that were compiled on build).
  • Implemented allow PDF uploads, automatically converted to images. Per user request.

June 2024

  • Changed metadata SEO tags to emphasize "split scans to separate images"
  • Fixed a bug where free users had infinite credits.

April 2024

New loading spinners!

This month I promised myself that I would make more commits. As the product has grown, I've hesitated to make loose commits for fear of unknowingly breaking the app, something I have excelled at doing in the past year or so. I'd somehow manage to break the core funtionality of the app, only to find out by chance some user reaching out over email. Anyways, the motto now is: I can always fix it after.

This month I added a new fancy loading spinner overlay to the images on the demo page.

Sure enough, I made 3 sales within minutes of pushing the update. I'm sure the update had very little to do with these conversions. But it always ends up like this. Sales start to slow, I make a slight change on the same day Google decides to push extra traffic, and I'm left totally confused about the impact of whatever new feature.

Export as PNG

Someone emailed me asking about exporting images as PNG. They were using AutoCropper to crop things for a machine learning project, which confused me, but I thought was cool. I've added this feature request to my to-do list.

Other notes

I'm still super confused at the emails my users use. A large portion of my customers have custom domain names. Also a large portion of them are European, specifically German, not sure why.

Also, entirely by chance, Stripe suggested I allow users to pay in their home currency, and they'll automatically do the conversion. I think this feature change definitely increased my conversion count because so many customers are international.

March 2024

This March, AutoCropper rolls out an eagerly anticipated feature that transforms the way you approach image cropping, especially when dealing with uniform or repetitive elements: the introduction of Horizontal Sync Groups. This innovative feature is a direct response to our community's requests for more flexible and efficient ways to crop multiple areas of an image in a uniformly spaced manner.

Tailored Cropping for Uniform Elements

Horizontal Sync Groups cater to a wide array of needs, from archiving film negatives with consistent spacing to digitizing collections of trading cards scanned together. The essence of this feature lies in its ability to recognize and apply a fixed width between each crop, ensuring a uniform distance that maintains the aesthetic and structural integrity of your projects.

Easy Customization

Understanding that every project has its unique requirements, we've made sure that Horizontal Sync Groups are fully customizable. You now have the power to determine the number of crops within each group, adjusting for the specific layout of your images. Moreover, the gap between each crop is no longer a fixed value; through the Advanced Editor sidebar, you can fine-tune this spacing to match your exact needs, providing unparalleled control over your cropping process.

Designed with You in Mind

We're genuinely excited about the potential of Horizontal Sync Groups to enhance your image editing workflow. This feature represents a significant leap forward in our mission to make AutoCropper the most versatile and user-friendly image cropping tool available. Whether you're a professional archivist dealing with historical photographs or a hobbyist organizing your personal collections, Horizontal Sync Groups offer a streamlined, precise, and time-saving approach to image cropping.

Your continuous feedback and suggestions have been instrumental in the development of Horizontal Sync Groups, and we can't wait for you to try it out. This is just the beginning of a series of innovative features we plan to introduce, all designed to make AutoCropper not just a tool, but an indispensable part of your image editing toolkit. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, thank you for your support and enthusiasm for AutoCropper.

February 2024: A Leap Forward

Introducing MultiCrops

After several months of diligent work, mainly behind the scenes, we're thrilled to announce a significant update to AutoCropper this February. This release has been a long time in the making, focusing heavily on backend enhancements to lay the groundwork for some exciting new features yet to come.

New Advanced Editor Modal

In terms of immediate, visible changes, we're excited to unveil the new Advanced Editor modal. This revamped modal isn't just more responsive; it's been entirely reimagined to enhance your editing workflow. Now, you can seamlessly cycle between crops on each image, refining each crop with precision. Plus, a thoughtful "discard changes" option appears when you make edits, offering a clear, simple way to revert adjustments if needed. And when you're happy with your changes, the "Save Changes" button confirms your edits with a reassuring message. It's these small but significant touches that make all the difference, and we've enjoyed focusing on these details to enhance your overall experience with AutoCropper.

Stability and Performance Improvements

While the visible changes might seem modest, the bulk of this update was dedicated to backend improvements. We've significantly enhanced the stability of the entire application and created a foundation that supports the easy integration of scalable new features. This ensures that AutoCropper not only runs more smoothly but is also primed for future innovation.

Future Roadmap

We're always looking to the future, and one upcoming feature we're excited about is the ability to add borders to your output images. This addition, among others, will be detailed on our new "Future Features" page, where we'll share insights into the roadmap of AutoCropper.

Your insights and feedback drive us to expand the horizons of image cropping technology further. As we evolve and enrich the AutoCropper platform, we pledge to keep you updated through these release notes. Anticipate a future rich with innovations, as we continue to refine the premier image cropping tool on the market. A heartfelt thank you for accompanying us on this journey toward making AutoCropper your ultimate image editing companion.