Editing Crops

There are two ways to refine an individual crop. You can adjust a crop by dragging or resizing any blue crop rectangle, or you can use the Advanced Editor.

Simple Editor

The Simple Editor allows you to move the crop by clicking and dragging, or resize the crop by clicking and dragging any edge or corner.

Move a crop by click and drag

To move the crop, simply click and drag:

Clicking and dragging to move the crop

Resize a crop by dragging crop edges

To adjust a crop's dimensions, hover over its edge or any corner until your mouse changes. From any corner, you can click and drag to expand it.

Delete a crop

To delete a crop, click the X located on the top right of any individual crop:

Individual crops outlined in blue

You will be prompted to confirm deletion.

Deleting a crop

Create a new crop

To create a new crop, click and drag anywhere on the canvas:

Clicking and dragging to create new crop

Advanced Editor

The Advanced Editor allows you to more precisely adjust the crop dimensions, adjust the crop size and adjust the crop rotation to straighten it:

Opening and using the advanced editor

Personally, I think it is best to use the simple editor and store your crops in Google Photos, which has powerful tools that will likely accomplish your desired result automatically, and more precisely. For example, any trailing whitespace around the edges of your crop [like in this example], Google Photos will suggest an edit.

But if you really want to use it, here is how.

How to open the Advanced Editor

To open the advanced editor, click inside any crop and accept the prompt asking if you want to edit the crop:

Prompt asking to open Advanced Edtior

The advanced editor will open. It is very large in size, so scroll using the outer right scroll bar. If you accidentally adjust the crop while trying to scroll, click the reset crop button.

Adjusting the Crop Area

To adjust an individual crop's dimensions via the Advanced Editor, click and drag on any edge:

Adjusting crop size via Advanced Editor

Reset Crop button

The Reset Crop Button will revert any changes made in the Advanced Editor. It will reset the Advanced Editor's viewport to its original dimensions.

Reset to Original button in advanced editor

Rotating and straightening the crop via Advanced Editor

In the advanced editor, you can also apply left and right rotations to correct and straighten your crop.

The rotation adjustment is located at the bottom of the advanced editor:

Adjusting crop rotation via the advanced editor

Saving your adjustments via the Advanced Editor

To save your adjustments made in the Advanced Editor - crop location, dimensions, or rotation angle, click the "Save Changes" button:

Save Changes button in advanced editor

You will notice the crops outlined in blue on the parent images will update to reflect your adjustments.

Exiting the Advanced Editor

To exit the Advanced Editor, either save your changes by clicking the Save Changes button, click anywhere outside of the modal, or click the Close button:

Close button inside Advanced Editor modal