AutoCropper Settings

AutoCropper has user configurable settings to adjust the file naming structure of individual photos, image type, and more.

Accessing the Settings menu

You can access AutoCropper settings by clicking the Settings button on the bottom toolbar.

Changing the file naming structure

To change the file naming structure, click Settings button:

AutoCropper app bottom toolbar settings button

In the settings modal, you can see the File Name Structure text box. The default file naming structure is {file}_{crop}:

default file naming structure

Feel free to customize the file naming structure.

Customizing the default file naming structure

You can customize the file naming structure to your liking. You are required to include {file} and {crop}. For example, let's say your uploaded parent scan has the file name familyPhoto1989.jpg, and it contains 3 separate photos.

The filename for each of the individual detected photos will be:

  • familyPhoto1989_1.jpg
  • familyPhoto1989_2.jpg
  • familyPhoto1989_3.jpg

The placeholders denote the parent filename and the individual crop number within the parent:

  • {file} -- Placeholder for the parent image filename, with its extensions removed: familyPhoto1989
  • {crop} -- Placeholder for the crop number with respect to the parent image, either 1, 2, or 3 in this example

If your file naming structure is set to epsonScan_{file}_photo_number_{crop}, like this:

Custom file naming structure

The exported photos would be:

  • epsonScan_familyPhoto1989_photo_number_1
  • epsonScan_familyPhoto1989_photo_number_2
  • epsonScan_familyPhoto1989_photo_number_3

You can see the updated file name structure in the Export Table:

Export table