User Interface

Autocropper has a beautiful user interface, and the main reason it is beautiful is because I designed it:

AutoCropper User Interface

Uploaded file list section

This is where each upload will have a card. The card will note the number of individual images within:

Uploaded file list

The card is clickable. To navigate between uploads and review the detected crops which should be pretty accurate, click each card.

Bottom toolbar

On the bottom of your screen is a toolbar with several buttons:

Upload Scans button

This button will open a file dialog to upload one or multiple scans. See uploading scans.

AutoCropper app bottom toolbar upload scans button

Clear Uploads button

This button will clear the uploaded scans and reset AutoCropper to its default view. You can use this button after completing a batch upload, after you have batch downloaded the separate images, to upload another batch of scans.

AutoCropper app bottom toolbar clear uploaded scans button

Settings button

This button will open the Settings menu. You can customize the file name structure, the export quality, and the export file type.

AutoCropper app bottom toolbar settings button

Download button

This button will begin downloading all of the individual cropped images listed in the Export Table. The number in grey on the button is the number of separate images that will be downloaded.

The download is packaged into a zip file for faster speeds.

AutoCropper app bottom toolbar download button

Export Table

Each individual photo found in your batch of scans, which are outlined in blue, has an accompanying row in the Export List table which contains additional information. Additional information such as the dimensions of the export, the estimated file size, and more (I am constantly adding and trying new things so this may be outdated):

Export table

Previewing a detected crop via the Export Table

You can preview an individual crop from the Export Table by clicking the View Image button:

Viewing image in new tab from the Export Table

The image should open in a new tab. You may notice that the new tab does not have a normal URL. This is because the image is generated client-side, by your browser. You can right click this image to download it individually, or you can batch download all of the detected crops by clicking Download Zip below the table.

I don't think there is any reason to individually download the images one by one, but I wanted to mention this if for whatever reason you wanted to.

Using the advanced editor via the export table

From the Export Table you can also click the "Edit" Button to open the Advanced Editor:

Edit button in export table

To exit the advanced editor, click “Close” or click anywhere outside of the modal:

Close button inside Advanced Editor modal

Changing an individual crop file name

This feature is coming soon. Keep in mind this is a one man show if anyone is reading this (if you are you're awesome). In theory you would click the name, and this file would be excluded from the default file naming structure